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More efficiency and safety in the warehouse

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Indoor Positioning is an intelligent tool for the simple localization of your material handling vehicles within the warehouse. Create position-based reports and analyses of all truck movements – live and retrospectively. This way you will stay in control of all your intralogistics processes, while enhancing the safety in the warehouse.

This is how the forklift tracking system works: Each of your vehicles is fitted with a smartphone, which communicates with so-called Bluetooth beacons installed across the entire warehouse. Based on the generated data, the truck’s position is calculated and transmitted to a server.

Indoor Positioning: Comfortable, fast, flexible

You can follow each individual truck movement via a web application and comfortably assess respective analyses – at any time and without delay. As a result, you always have the perfect insight by tracking the processes within your warehouse.

based on awiloc© positioning technology by Fraunhofer IIS.

Your advantages:

  • Very low implementation effort and cost.
  • Usable in any truck model of any series.
  • Suitable for use in the aisle as well as in multi-purpose warehouse areas.

The following use cases are available:


With the TruckFinder you always have the full overview. You are searching for the exact truck you need to dispatch a new transport order? No problem, the TruckFinder shows you exactly where each of your trucks is located within the warehouse at any given time.


Any of your vehicles being purloined or forgotten on the lorry belong to the past. As soon as one of your trucks leaves a certain area predefined by you, the ZoneGuard raises an alarm. You will receive this warning via email or text message to be able to react immediately.


Whereever there is pedestrian traffic or at your warehouse’s junctions, trucks may only drive at restricted speeds. SpeedZoning enables you to set speed limits in these specific areas. As soon as a vehicle enters a slow zone the operator will be informed on his smartphone. This way, accidents are avoided to increase the safety in your warehouse.


The RouteOptimizer visualizes your trucks’ heavily or hardly used routes. This way you can instantly identify potential danger zones and bypass routes. This knowledge lets you optimize your trucks’ transport routes and thus increase the efficiency in your warehouse.

Load Check

LoadCheck allows you to determine whether a trucks is carrying a load on its forks or on a trailer. In connection with the TruckFinder and RouteOptimizer you can create intelligent analyses of all empty and loaded trips – and significantly increase the transparency and productivity in your warehouse.

Jungheinrich Indoor Positioning will be available from 2017.



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