Corporate Social Responsibility

To us, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the social responsibility of companies as part of a sustainable economy. Jungheinrich has set itself the goal of actively using this to secure future viability and innovative capability based on economic success. We want to go further than the statutory requirements when doing good and taking responsibility.

As a family company, CSR means acting with economic, environmental and social responsibility in our commitment to the environment, society and a fair economy. In pursuit of these goals, we use resources carefully, develop energy-saving products, ensure sustainable supply chain processes and maintain long-term partnerships with non-profit organisations. Responsibility, trust and contributing to the whole are the values that motivate us.

Economic Responsibility

Jungheinrich believes that dealing respectfully with our competition is of paramount importance, along with compliance with statutes and the prevention of corruption, of course.


Environmental Responsibility

We are the first fork lift truck manufacturer to have its own product life-cycle assessment. Over the last ten years, our trucks have become up to 30% more efficient. Our continued goal is to increase the efficiency of our products.


Social Responsibility

As an internationally active family firm, Jungheinrich bears a great deal of social responsibility – for society, its customers and employees, the environment as well as for its business.


Product Responsibility

In our forklift development work we reduce the level of vibrations drivers are exposed to.