Intralogistics from Jungheinrich: Improved with digital solutions

• Increased productivity with digital solutions • Networking as the basis for innovation • New applications in the ISM Online fleet management

Jungheinrich believes that digitalisation offers great opportunities for the logistics industry. Small and large companies can benefit equally from digital solutions. Optimising digital processes makes it possible to achieve double-digit increases in productivity within the intralogistics sector. Consequently, digital solutions have become an integral part of Jungheinrich's range of products and services. They ensure efficiency and quality and make it possible to reduce costs.

André Friedrich, Vice President Digital Solutions at Jungheinrich: "Custom digital solutions from Jungheinrich make our even more successful. The networking of a wide range of information creates new solutions that make the processes of our customers more efficient and increase safety in the warehouse. We think one step further with our products and services, ensuring that we create sustainable added value for our customers. Jungheinrich's digital solutions result in more efficient fleet management, optimised operating sequences, higher safety and reduced costs."

The Jungheinrich Indoor Tracking System is an intelligent system for the easy identification of your fork lift trucks inside the warehouse. The tracking data allows for better management of the fleets. Four modules are currently available to Jungheinrich customers. The RouteOptimizer helps to optimise the warehouse by providing a visualised analysis of the routes travelled. The TruckFinder function displays the real-time position of a fork lift truck within the warehouse. The ZoneGuard module defines the warehouse zones within which a truck may operate. The SpeedZoning function enables speed zones to be established within a warehouse. The system is characterised by its uncomplicated and convenient installation and commissioning. This reduces costs and increases customer benefit. The Jungheinrich Indoor Tracking System has been nominated in the "Special of the Year" category at the IFOY Award 2017.

With ISM Online, Jungheinrich offers its customers an integrated, web-based system for managing their truck fleets. Users have the opportunity to efficiently control the logistics within their own operation. Truck availability can be increased, productivity improved and operating costs reduced. Over the course of 2017, three further modules will be added to the four ISM online modules already offered by Jungheinrich. A central access control module ensures that only authorised persons can use a truck. This increases safety in the warehouse. A new maintenance management module facilitates the independent planning, execution and tracking of maintenance and safety inspections. This will allow maintenance measures to be planned at an early stage, thus avoiding inefficient and costly interruptions to production. The new battery management module enables Jungheinrich customers to monitor the batteries of their electric fork lift trucks as well as to quickly and easily detect malfunctions. This reduces operating costs and increases the service life of the batteries. Jungheinrich customers can combine all ISM Online modules individually and as required. Currently, more than 60,000 trucks at more than 3,000 customer sites in 21 European countries are managed with ISM Online.

StartSafe is a digital solution offered by Jungheinrich which increases safety in the warehouse while simultaneously reducing management costs during production. StartSafe enables operators to drivers to conduct visual inspections and function checks digitally using a mobile device before commencing operation, making paper checklists a thing of the past. These truck test reports are electronically recorded and archived. Should the test identify safety-critical defects, the system will automatically recommend the use of another truck. The option to document any measures taken in the web portal ensures that the responsible person always maintains an overview. In addition, Jungheinrich allows its customers to individually determine the list of questions and safety-critical inspection points for each truck segment. Consequently, safety in the warehouse is increased in a targeted manner and management costs are effectively reduced.

Call4Service offers Jungheinrich customers a convenient means of requesting repairs, maintenance or other interval services via a free app. This enables Jungheinrich engineers to be questioned quickly and flexibly, and the customer has the opportunity to set a preferred date from the outset. The customer can attach error messages and photos to the message. Current and historical orders can be seen in an overview. A clear overview of the processing status of service orders is currently available to Jungheinrich customers in 25 countries. The Call4Service app is available for the Android, iOS and Windows operating systems.

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