Jungheinrich rental stacker of the month

Electric stacker – EJC 212/214/216/220

Jungheinrich rental truck offer
  • Load capacity: 1.2 t to 2.0 t
  • Lift height: Standard 2,800 mm to max. 5,350 mm (upon request)

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      • Precise, sensitive load lifting with speed controlled hydraulic motor with low noise.
      • Gentle load depositing with proportional hydraulics.
      • Automatic reduction of travel speed when the load is raised.
      • Four-wheel concept for maximum stability.

    We offer our Electric stacker trucks with a load capacity up to 2,000 kg and a lift height of up to a maximum 5,350 mm at the special price of €35.00 per calender day.

    Jungheinrich’s rental fleet is one of the largest in Europe and offers swift availability. The rental stackers are at the cutting edge of technology and the majority of the equipment is less than a year old.

* recommended retail price for a rental period of 2-7 days plus VAT and shipping. While stocks last.

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