Expert contributions

In this section we introduce profund technical know how: Our experts express their views on various aspects of intra-logistics, for you can benefit.

Alternative financing

In the purchasing of material handling equipment external financing is becoming increasingly important.


Data radio

Your stock data has to be updated at any time? Then a data radio solution is a must.


Logistics Interface

With the Logistics Interface from Jungheinrich, material flow processes become considerably more efficient, process reliable and ergonomic.


Material flow planning

When it comes to saving, even in internal logistics processes optimization should be mentioned.


Reduction of fuel consumption

Between 2000 and 2010 we succeeded in reducing the CO2 emissions of our fleet by 20 percent.


Shuttle Systems

Shuttle storage systems allow for more efficient storage of goods and commodities thanks to pallet carriers that travel autonomously in racking channels.


Warehouse navigation

With a navigation system you can increase the efficiency of a narrow-aisle truck by about 25 percent.


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