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About our share

Currency: euro
ISIN: DE0006219934
SIN: 621993
Xetra symbol: JUN3
Bloomberg symbol: JUN3 GR
Trading segment: MDAX
Market segment: Prime Standard
Stock exchange listing: Frankfurt and Hamburg (official trading), Berlin, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart (over-the-counter trading)
Listed since: 30th August 1990
Distribution of shares: Total 102,000,000 non-par-value shares / 54 million non-par-value ordinary shares / 48 million non-par-value preferred shares, each accounting for an imputed €1.00 share of the subscribed capital.

Accounting standard: US GAAP from 2000 to 2004; IFRS starting in fiscal 2005. 

Stock split: 1:3 on 22nd June 2016 an 1:10 on 1st October 1998. 

Please note: Prior share prices have been adjusted.

Information about our share

Jungheinrich generally pursues a policy of paying steady dividends. The objective
is to pay between 25 per cent and 30 per cent of net income to the shareholders.

Capital market-oriented key data

The most important capital market-oriented key data is shown in the following table. Further information you will find in the Annual Report 2016

Reasons to invest

Jungheinrich ranks among the world's leading intralogistics companies.
Various reasons speak in favour of investing in Jungheinrich shares:

  • Global customers in attractive growth sectors
  • Integrated business model with a large service component
  • Strong share of the material handling equipment market: No. 2 in Europe
  • Clear Group strategy, designed to achieve sustainable, profitable growth
  • Financial independence thanks to robust balance sheet
  • Stable shareholder structure
  • Continuous dividend payments


We have posted the most frequently asked questions concerning Jungheinrich shares here. Further information is available via the links listed on the website.

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Andrea Bleesen

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Monika Lenk

Assistant Investor Relations


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