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Stage Creating sustainable value
Strategy 2025+

Creating sustainable value

With our Strategy 2025+, we have made it our goal to create sustainable value. What we mean by this and which convictions guide us in this, you can read here in a personal statement by our CEO Dr Lars Brzoska. 

Sustainability and financial return. These terms have appeared to be mutually exclusive for a long time, but the alleged contradiction between economy and ecology is dissolving. For many companies, social responsibility is no longer just a matter of good manners; it is now an integral part of their business values. What’s more, a comprehensive understanding of sustainability is increasingly becoming a precondition for future growth. Because people and societies all over the world are right to expect a new understanding of roles from companies and responsible companies are leading by example. They are showing that ambitious sustainable goals are an essential component of their future success.

Jungheinrich is following this path. With our Group Strategy 2025+, we have committed ourselves to creating sustainable value – for our customers, our employees, our shareholders and business partners as well as for society at large. Taking all of this into consideration, our aim is to reconcile economic, ecological and social developments and to place the needs of all stakeholders at the core of our activities. In this regard, we have committed to using resources efficiently.

Stage Brozska Nachhaltig Werte
Dr Lars Brzoska
Chairman of the Board of Management

“Our aim is to reconcile economic, ecological and social developments and to place the needs of all stakeholders at the core of our activities.”

We are guided by three convictions:

Sustainable behaviour and economic success are inextricably linked. 

As a family company, we can look back across several generations. The focus on short-term profit corresponds neither to our entrepreneurial identity nor to our corporate values. Instead, we want to help shape the world we all live in and work in a positive way through our products and solutions. Because in the end, our prosperity depends on an intact environment, safe social surroundings and stable political conditions. We have a vested interest in always reconciling profitable growth with ecological and social aspects. 

Our range of services satisfies high economic, ecological and social standards. 

For more and more people, sustainability is a criterion that determines their purchasing decisions. The objective of our business model has always been to support the work of our customers through technological innovations and to help them grow both sustainably and profitably. Because of that, energy and resource efficiency has been at the core of our activities since the beginning. This attitude continues to drive us to this day, and is reflected by electric trucks with industry-leading environmental records and energy-saving automation solutions. We are only able to achieve all this because we make the entire value creation process as sustainable as possible – from purchasing materials to product planning, all the way to recondition-ing used equipment. This path leads us and our customers not only to efficient, but also to resource-conserving products and solutions. 

Responsibility and reliability are the foundation of our cooperation.

Success is not a one-way street; it requires joint and mutual responsibility and reliability. This applies to both people and companies. In following this image, we are committed to cooperating in the spirit of partnership – within our workforce and also with our customers, suppliers and all other business partners. Our employees are the backbone of the company. Whether in production and the warehouse, in After Sales Services or behind a desk, we work shoulder to shoulder as colleagues. Working together in a respectful, appreciative and trusting manner is at the heart of Jungheinrich’s corporate culture. We build relationships with those business partners who share our objectives. We work together to create transparent and reliable supply chains. We reject the use of conflict minerals in our products and prioritise the protection of human rights. We disavow exploiting others to generate profit. Our success is based on permanent and reliable business partnerships, because we know that great things are achieved only when we work together.

Living these convictions is essential to our sense of identity. As part of the “50 Sustainability & Climate Leaders” international campaign, we are committed to the 17 sustainability goals of the United Nations. Our trucks represent energy efficiency and we are making a decisive contribution to the decarbonisation of intralogistics. In addition, we are also helping to accelerate the electrification of other sectors through our experience and skills. Our automation solutions not only bring goods to their destination more quickly, but they do it with lower electricity consumption. We are simultaneously increasing safety and efficiency with the help of digital solutions – not least with artificial intelligence in our warehouses. Our products are designed and manufactured in such a way that many of them can cope with a second and third life. Ambitious sustainability management ensures that we always meet our high standards. 

Sustainability is a task for society as a whole. Creating sustainable value is our goal at Jungheinrich. However, it is not primarily about being at the top of lists and rankings, but ra-ther about advancing sustainability together. Our Strategy 2025+ formulates this path for Jungheinrich. It sets both clear and ambitious targets and ensures our profitable development. At the same time, it defines how we use our strengths to be a reliable part of society. What often sets us apart from other companies is not what we do, but rather how we at Junghein-rich get things done and the mindset and attitude we bring to achieving solutions.

This mission brings us together day by day.

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