Picture Einkauf Transparenz und Verantwortung
Acting sustainable

Transparency and responsibility in our supply chain

The principles of sustainable corporate management, such as long-term responsibilities towards our business partners, the environment, society and our own employees, are fundamental elements of our daily actions. These principles should therefore also apply to contractors of the Jungheinrich Group.

We aim to shape the success of our products together with our contractors – the best foundation for this is a long-term, cooperative partnership. The careful selection of contractors is the basis for guaranteeing our outstanding product quality. Before a manufacturer becomes a Jungheinrich contractor, it has to meet approval criteria that are consistent throughout the entire Group.

The supporting pillars are the existing supplier manual, which must be signed by contractors of production material, the compliance regulation in our procurement contracts and our “Supplier Code of Conduct”, which reflects Jungheinrich's requirements for all of its contractors.

In these documents are the basic principles and standards of the Jungheinrich Group for contractors of production-related and non-production-related goods and services summarized. These principles are based on global acknowledged guidelines and principles for ecological and social responsibility, the ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact, internationally recognized human rights as well as labor and social standards.
In 2018, we increasingly addressed the issue of responsibility in the supply chain and developed a concept which is in implementation since 2019. This concept aims to create even more transparency and to assume more responsibility based on this transparency. New and existing contractors are assessed and risk classified with regard to ecological, economic and social criteria.

Depending on the risk class, measures have been defined which may range from accepting the mentioned “Supplier Code of Conduct" to carrying out self-assessments and internal or external audits.
Our goal is to increase transparency with regard to our contractors and to take step by step more responsibility in sustainable procurement.


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