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About our share

  • Currency: euro
  • ISIN: DE0006219934
  • SIN: 621993
  • Xetra symbol: JUN3
  • Reuters:
  • Bloomberg symbol: JUN3 GR
  • Trading segment: MDAX
  • Market segment: Prime Standard
  • Stock exchange listing: Frankfurt and Hamburg (official trading), Berlin, Düsseldorf and Stuttgart (over-the-counter trading)
  • Listed since: 30th August 1990
  • Distribution of shares: Total 102,000,000 non-par-value shares / 54 million non-par-value ordinary shares / 48 million non-par-value preferred shares, each accounting for an imputed €1.00 share of the subscribed capital.
  • Accounting standard: US GAAP from 2000 to 2004; IFRS starting in fiscal 2005. 
  • Stock split: 1:3 on 22nd June 2016 an 1:10 on 1st October 1998. 

Please note: Prior share prices have been adjusted.

Information about our share

Jungheinrich generally pursues a policy of paying steady dividends. The objective
is to pay between 25 per cent and 30 per cent of net income to the shareholders.

Jungheinrich Fact Sheet


Capital market-oriented key data

The most important capital market-oriented key data is shown in the following table. Further information you will find in the current annual report.

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