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action medeor

As “the world’s emergency pharmacy”, action medeor has been working to improve healthcare in the poorest regions of the world since 1964. Working with local partners, it now supplies more than 10,000 medical clinics in 140 countries with medicines and medical equipment.

Health is a basic need of all human beings

Jungheinrich would therefore like to make its own decisive contribution. From the Board and the shareholder family down to individual employees, we have all decided to actively support action medeor.

For this purpose, Jungheinrich entered into a partnership with action medeor in 2012, because we want to assume social responsibility, particularly in an area where our core expertise enables us to give valuable assistance:

We provide support in the form of material donations, help with regular monetary donations and advice on matters relating to intralogistics. Our employees also generate more donations through our "Donate your Pennies Campaign" ("Restcent-Aktion"), which is run in Jungheinrich companies in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Austria and Italy. Our commitment allows for the more efficient organisation of medical aid, enabling endless aid shipments to reach the destinations around the world where they are desperately needed. 

Our commitment is sustainable and, above all, flexible. We try to help by providing the right resources at the right time. We also want to share our enthusiasm for the work of action medeor and to communicate it to all of our employees, business partners and customers. Our partnership will generate publicity for the organisation and help to spread the ideals of action medeor further in the world.

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