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Stage Compliance bei Jungheinrich
Essential part of our risk management


The Jungheinrich Group has considered compliance an issue of great importance for years. Compliance means observing legal provisions and internal company guidelines and is an integral part of our daily work.

As a global company, we are exposed to a number of risks, including legal risks. We therefore created a compliance system in 2008 that counteracts these risks.

We assume economic, ecological and social responsibility as part of our business activities. The compliance system ensures that this responsibility towards our employees, suppliers, business partners and customers is met and that it reflects our corporate values. These values are defined in our Code of Conduct as binding guidelines for Jungheinrich.

Our Jungheinrich Compliance Management System (CMS) aims to ensure that all employees act appropriately and with integrity in their daily work. Our approach is: to prevent, detect, respond. Based on national and international standards, we create a systematic structure to promote compliant behaviour at Jungheinrich.

The CEO and Chief Compliance Officer of the Jungheinrich AG, Dr Lars Brzoska, is responsible for the strategic orientation of our CMS. The implementation of the system is the responsibility of the Vice President Corporate Compliance, Audit & Data Protection, Frank Jastrob.

Our principles:Prevent - Detect - Respond


The Compliance Management System primarily serves to prevent possible breaches of rules and to mitigate risks in the company. Our compliance guidelines and code of conduct form the basis for preventing violations and criminal acts. Hereby, we set the framework and provide guidance for ethically and legally correct behaviour.

Through classroom trainings and our own digital learning platform, we draw attention to compliance-related topics across the Group and thus create awareness among our employees.


Despite our best efforts, a sophisticated compliance system cannot prevent breaches by individual employees.

If breaches occur, both employees and external third parties are encouraged to either contact the compliance contact person directly or to contact them anonymously via the Jungheinrich OpenLine.

For more information on contact persons and the Jungheinrich OpenLine please see below.
Confidentiality and data protection are always guaranteed on every contact channel. Employees who, to the best of their knowledge and belief, report a suspected breach will not suffer any personal disadvantages.

In addition to the voluntary reporting, the internal audit function carries out regular checks throughout the Group as a control mechanism. This highlights potential areas of risk so they can be addressed accordingly.


We follow up on all reports fairly and confidentially. Each case requires an individual approach. Whenever a violation is detected, measures are taken to remedy the misconduct immediately and to optimise our internal processes. Sanctions are applied irrespective of hierarchy level.

The motives and reasons for any misconduct need to be investigated. Any identified weaknesses in the compliance system provide us with valuable insights that help improve our CMS.

Contact us:Personally or anonymously via our OpenLine

Personal contact

The following compliance contacts are available to answer your questions and provide information directly and confidentially.

Portrait Frank Jastrob

Frank Jastrob

Vice President Corporate Compliance, Audit & Data Protection


+49 40 69481650

Get in touch
Portrait Tanja Duisberg

Tania Duisberg

Senior Manager Compliance


+49 40 6948-1650

Get in touch

Jungheinrich OpenLine Portal and Telephone

In addition, there is also our whistleblowing system OpenLine available.

It enables you to contact us anonymously and communicate with us via an external online portal. If you would like to write to us anonymously, you can access the OpenLine portal here.

Or if you would like to speak to us personally and anonymously, you can reach us at the following OpenLine telephone numbers. We will be happy to take your call in German or English.

Further Information on our Compliance Activities

Jungheinrich has set up a compliance profile via the Integrity Next online platform. This enables us to give all interested parties an overview of our sustainability performance. We also use Integrity Next to evaluate our suppliers. Read more about it here: Integrity Next

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