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Stage Geschichte
The future of intralogistics. Since 1953.


More than 65 years ago, H. Jungheinrich und Co. Maschinenfabrik established the foundation of our Group. Customer orientation, technical leadership and outstanding service are deep-rooted in the history of the company. Today, Jungheinrich counts among the top three intralogistics brands worldwide.

From our roots and into the future.

Obtain an overview here of Jungheinrich’s development from a small company with not even ten employees to a leading international supplier in the area of intralogistics and to a top worldwide brand.

Content Geschichte Anfänge

The beginnings (1899 - 1953)

The forerunner of our company was established by Hermann Jungheinrich in 1908 as an import and export firm under the name H. Jungheinrich & Co. In 1953 his eldest son, Friedrich Jungheinrich, laid the cornerstone for the present company by establishing H. Jungheinrich and Co. Maschinenfabrik.

Content Geschichte Wirtschaftswunder

The boom years of the German economic miracle (1954 - 1968)

In the 1950s and 1960s Germany and Hamburg enjoy the boom years of the so-called German economic miracle. For our company, export business becomes the major source of revenue. Gradually the first international subsidiaries are established. Jungheinrich lays the groundwork for becoming a global group.

Content Geschichte Generationenwechsel

Generational change and improved competitive edge (1969 - 1989)

After the passing away of our founder, we remain an independent family business owned by the shareholder families Lange and Wolf. In the late 1970s another innovation offensive is launched. At the same time we introduce a new design principle, expand the Norderstedt plant and streamline production.

Content Geschichte Neustrukturierung

IPO and restructuring (1990 - 1999)

In the year of German reunification we go public. We respond to the pent-up demand for modern industrial trucks and warehouse equipment in the new German states and the former Eastern Bloc countries. We acquire the Boss Group, including long-standing Steinbock company in Moosburg, Bavaria. Our company undergoes comprehensive restructuring.

Content Geschichte Globalisierung

Globalisation and the end of the multi-brand strategy (2000 - present)

At the turn of the millennium we now offer our products exclusively under the Jungheinrich brand. The Complete Intralogistics Solutions, Financial Services and Full Service divisions are continuously expanded. In parallel we strengthen our sales units and position ourselves on the globalised markets.

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