Structure of product group management

Our product groups

This is where you can find an overview of our product groups and their structure.

Jungheinrich has established a comprehensive product group management system to facilitate reaching its procurement targets. Along the lines of the organisational structure of the product group management system, the demand requirements are structured according to our five areas with a total of 50 main product groups, each broken down into detailed product groups. A product group is made up of the parts and components and suppliers which, from a procurement perspective, deliver the most synergies. We have arranged them on the basis of the following two criteria: homogenous parts and component structure and homogenous supplier structure. Our main product groups are subdivided into five areas.

Indirect materials/services

Indirect materials include all products and services, which are required in the daily Jungheinrich business, but have nothing to do with the direct production of the finished goods.

Indirect materials tend to have high purchasing process costs; therefore, Jungheinrich uses e-procurement solutions like SAP SRM (Desktop Purchasing Systems) to reduce process costs on indirect materials.  

The Jungheinrich Corporate Purchasing department (FE) manages the following indirect materials: logistics, customs management, IT & services, fleet- and travel management, facility management, marketing and office supplies.

Trading goods

This department manages all group-wide products as well as batteries and chargers. Trading goods consist of trucks, warehouse equipment and system solutions for intralogistics.

Steel fabrications

This is where all main product groups are shown with parts and components made mainly of steel and which are assembled in the vehicle.

Truck components

This is where all components built into the vehicles are managed.


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