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JIG Nina Trilke
10 Questions to…

Nina Trilke

Read up on the different facets of the trainee programme as well as what makes Jungheinrich and the time as a JIG so special from Nina Trilke's experiences.

1. Why did you join Jungheinrich as a JIG?

JIG Nina Report

As an industrial engineer, I am eager to develop new ideas, to rethink and to turn ideas into action. In order to achieve this, different departments within a company have to work together. Therefore, it was clear to me that a trainee program was exactly the right way to realize my goals.

Jungheinrich impressed me right from the start. The family values and the individually designed JIG Programme, with the opportunity to get deep insights into different departments and diverse trainings convinced me to start my career as a JIG.

2. When did you start your trainee programme?

I started my trainee programme in November 2018 together with 10 other JIGs from Germany, France, Greece and China.

3. How are company values and culture reflected in our day-to-day business?

“Go for it” are three powerful words frequently used by our company`s founder and are one of the leadership principles within Jungheinrich. During all my assignments, I was encouraged to develop my own ideas and projects. This trust that is put in every employee results in a great and productive working environment.

4. Where did your assignment abroad take you?


5. What was the biggest challenge in your assignment abroad?

Since Jungheinrich Australia is a relatively new branch of the company, the culture, tools and working methods were still different. Therefore, the biggest challenge was not only to identify the main differences in sales structure and processes between headquarters and the sales unit, but also to make them transparent and find the right communication between both parties.

6. Describe your personal highlight of the project and the experience abroad

For me the whole assignment was just amazing, thanks to my colleagues, who wanted to make this time unforgettable  and showed me not only the way they work but also took me on boat trips, a wine tour and to a football game. 

7. What were you able to see/learn during this time?

During my time as a JIG I had the chance to see different departments within Jungheinrich, from the strategic evaluation of sales channels to the development and marketing of digital products. Furthermore, I learned a lot from the different kind of managers and the way they work. Nevertheless, and most importantly, I`ve grown a lot professionally and personally. Thanks to the open feedback of my colleagues, the trainings, the varying teams, tasks, and the mentoring, I learned a lot about myself, which will help me both in my career as well as in my personal life.

8. What is your personal highlight of the JIG Program?

The people I met during the 18 months. Especially the members of my JIG class are much more than colleagues to me. We were all on the same boat and had similar experiences. In particular, at the beginning and during the assignment abroad, it was just great to share our experiences and have their support.

9. Describe the JIG program in one sentence:

The JIG programme is an exciting time, with many surprises, challenges and the chance to develop yourself and make friends for life.

10. What tips can you give future candidates?

For the application process just be yourself. In my experience, Jungheinrich looks for the right people instead of the perfect CV, which makes the whole process very personal and pleasant.

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