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JIG Theodoros Dimas
JIG Story

Sunny trainee greetings from Greece

Theodoros Dimas is a JIG in the sales unit in Greece. His assignment abroad took him to two German production facilities. Read here about his experience.

Greece is known for its love for two yellow things; Jungheinrich and the sun. Being the first Greek Jungheinrich International Graduate (JIG) has been a genuinely unique and challenging experience. Since my first day 18 months ago I have expanded my knowledge and skills, I have met really interesting and ambitious people and I have understood how a multinational company operates on a daily basis.

JIG Theodoros Dimas (1)

In my opinion, what stands behind the success of the JIG program is that Jungheinrich embodies the values of a family business. These values have made it possible for me to adjust from day one and to develop my business and technical skills continuously.

In Greece, the JIG program works slightly differently from the other countries, meaning that I do not switch departments in Greece. I worked in the Logistics Systems department for ten months, completing various projects and assignments. Although I am a JIG in engineering, I have worked on tasks and assignments from different fields, which have helped me develop new skills. My daily tasks included being the main SAP user for the department as well as designing racking systems for several warehouses in Greece and the material flow for our new warehouse.

After these ten months, it was time for my assignment abroad, which consisted of two different deployments: Moosburg and Hamburg.

First, I worked in the Logistics Systems Business Development department in the calm city of Moosburg in the South of Germany for three months. During this time, I learned the key figures to steer and develop a business, which helped me think in a more business-oriented way. The main project I worked on was about racking systems in a sales unit. I could not have been happier with the start of my international assignment there because even though I did not speak any German my colleagues were very nice and welcoming.

Furthermore, I never felt that I was abroad because the temperatures during my stay were above 30oC most of the time, just like in Greece. Of course, I would be lying if I said I did not visit the Oktoberfest in Munich.

My next station was Hamburg in the north of Germany. I had been to a few German cities before but in my opinion, Hamburg is the most beautiful one. I stayed there for five months and worked on a project in the testing department in Norderstedt. I was back in my natural work-environment: engineering. My project there focused on improving the performance of lithium-ion batteries. On top of that, I was able to improve my German.

On the weekends, I went out for drinks or for pizza in my favorite pizzeria in Eppendorf, cooking or doing other stuff with my JIG peers. Being Jungheinrich’s main base, Hamburg is the city where you are most likely to meet other JIGs! I really enjoyed my time there and although the sun was not out as often as in Moosburg, the people were friendly and they reminded me a lot of the Greek.

As you know by now, I stayed in Germany for 7 months but from the first moment, it felt like home! Not only did the JIG Programme allow me to go abroad and work on interesting projects, it also gave me the opportunity to network and develop my skills. All this has helped me grow as a person, and I am grateful.

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JIG Theodoro Report

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