Economic Responsibility

Jungheinrich believes that dealing respectfully with our competition is of paramount importance, along with compliance with statutes and the prevention of corruption, of course. Our Code of Conduct provides you with an overview of all our corporate principles.

Compliance as an engine for sustainability

The Jungheinrich Compliance Management System (CMS) is intended to ensure compliance with statutory provisions and internal company guidelines. Since 2008, we have focused on developing it further to incorporate statutory provisions into our global activities. This does not just protect Jungheinrich AG, but also its employees.

Compliance makes a direct and sustainable contribution to the development of companies and countries, with preventing corruption forming one of the cornerstones to this. Corruption can lead to an inefficient economy and social injustice.

As a long-established Hamburg company, Jungheinrich has always upheld the values of free enterprise, trust and responsibility. Consequently, they are defined in our management mission statement and in an internal Code of Conduct which consolidates our values. This Code requires board members, executives and employees to deal fairly and legally with employees and colleagues, business partners and competitors within their respective area of responsibility.

You can find more about our CMS here.