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JH bringt den CO2-neutralen Kundendienst in die Intralogistik

First Co2-neutral customer service in intralogistics

Pilot project in Norway for CO2-neutral after-sales service

Fewer kilometres driven thanks to dynamic route planning

Sustainable hydropower project offsets unavoidable emissions

As part of a pilot project in Norway, Jungheinrich has started to make its after-sales service CO2-neutral. The aim is to save up to 60 per cent of the emissions generated in after-sales service in the medium term, thus making an important contribution to greater climate protection and resource conservation in intralogistics. The remaining emissions are offset by compensatory measures.

Based on the carbon footprint of the Norwegian after-sales service for the year 2020, Jungheinrich has developed a catalogue of measures for CO2 reduction together with its project partner Fokus Zukunft. This includes dynamic route planning based on intelligent software, which optimises the daily journeys of the service vehicles deployed in Norway. The system reacts to all events of the day and permanently adjusts the planning to ensure that orders are always sent to the most suitable employees in the vicinity of a location. In the greater Oslo area alone, this saves around 2,800 kilometres of driving per vehicle per year and thus emissions to a considerable extent.

In a special driving training course, all customer service technicians were also trained to drive in a particularly environmentally friendly manner. The result is up to 15 per cent savings in fuel and drive energy per truck. At the same time, Jungheinrich is gradually converting its service fleet in Norway to all-electric after-sales service trucks and is constantly working on optimising the weight and load of its service trucks. 

The company compensates for unavoidable emissions by participating in a sustainable hydropower project. With the continuous development and progressive implementation of reduction measures, the share of previously unavoidable emissions should also continue to decrease. Following the pilot in Norway, the after-sales service teams in the Netherlands and the UK will be converted to CO2-neutral customer service. The sustainable after-sales service pilot project underlines Jungheinrich's commitment to the fight against climate change and represents an important milestone in the Group's goal of achieving climate neutrality.

Worldwide, a total of more than 5,700 Jungheinrich after-sales service technicians are deployed in 40 countries to service Jungheinrich's trucks, automated systems and warehousing equipment. The dense service network ensures direct on-site support for Jungheinrich customers and is thus the basis for maximum reaction speed in the event of product malfunctions with the aim of minimising downtimes. In this way, after-sales service makes a significant contribution to customer satisfaction and Jungheinrich's quality: In addition to service relating to Jungheinrich products and solutions, it offers further services such as accident prevention and energy management. Jungheinrich has a modern spare parts centre in Kaltenkirchen for its steadily growing after-sales service business. This distribution centre and many other locations in the international network ensure the optimum supply of spare parts to Jungheinrich's after-sales service worldwide.

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