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Jungheinrich PowerCube

First Jungheinrich PowerCube

Ordered by M. Schönenberger AG in Switzerland

  • Swiss trading company prepares for future growth by automated compact container warehouse 
  • Particularly space-efficient solution with over 18,000 storage locations on only 400 square metres of floor space
  • High-performance and sustainable with 150 retrievals and putaways per hour 

Jungheinrich's first PowerCube heads to Switzerland. M. Schönenberger AG has ordered the highly innovative and particularly space-efficient compact container warehouse for its site in Mellingen and is making itself fit for further growth.

M. Schönenberger AG, based in Mellingen in the canton of Aargau, sees itself as a market inspirer. Now the company is also proving to be particularly innovative when it comes to expanding its intralogistics: this family-owned company will be the first customer for Jungheinrich's new PowerCube compact tote warehouse. This automated storage system, which Jungheinrich presented for the first time at LogiMAT 2022, is impressive with its unique use of space, maximum flexibility, strong performance and simple physical and digital integration into existing warehouses. The Jungheinrich innovation sets new standards in the field of vertical storage of small parts and unit loads. 

For Schönenberger, the PowerCube is the ideal solution. The company cannot handle the growth it is striving for and expecting in the coming years with the manually organised order picking it has been using up to now. The warehouse currently in use has reached its capacity limits and cannot be expanded; renting an external warehouse is too cost-intensive. The space-efficient PowerCube by Jungheinrich with its modular racking system is therefore exactly the right solution for this Swiss company: thanks to its unique use of space and high storage density, the compact warehouse offers space for more than 18,000 containers on only about 400 square metres.  

Energy-efficient PowerCube shuttles, which move underneath the racking system, store and retrieve the vertically stacked totes. With a system height of up to 12 metres, the PowerCube is the highest compact tote warehouse in its class. M. Schönenberger AG has ordered its automated compact container warehouse with a storage height of 10.4 metres. The containers are stacked on top of each other on 25 storage levels. Each of them can be filled with a load of up to 50 kg. 

The PowerCube shuttles move at a maximum speed of 4 m/s and an acceleration of up to 2 m/s². Each shuttle can pick up and transport two containers at the same time. At Schönenberger's workstations, up to 130 retrievals for goods-to-man order picking and 20 putaways for stock replenishment can thus be carried out per hour. The outgoing goods section for packed cartons is additionally supplemented by a buffer section. Thanks to the scalable number of shuttles, the throughput of the PowerCube can be flexibly increased in case demand increases or the product range expands. The shuttles are equipped with high-performance lithium-ion batteries that are charged at the workstations during operation. This means that the shuttles are ready for operation 24 hours a day without downtime. 

With the PowerCube, Jungheinrich combines efficient processes and innovative hardware with the help of state-of-the-art software technology. The compact container warehouse is connected to the existing IT structure, in particular Schönenberger's ERP system, and equipped with the Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System for PowerCube. This manages the goods receiving, sectoring and storage of the totes in the goods receiving area and controls the picking orders in the goods issue area. At the same time, the system organises stock corrections, stock blocks and releases as well as inventory process support. With the PowerCube from Jungheinrich, M. Schönenberger AG is relying on an integrated and holistic approach to ultra-compact storage of totes and is opening up new dimensions of efficiency.

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