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Innovatives Assistenzsystem „zoneCONTROL“ gewinnt HERMES in der Kategorie Sicherheit

Innovative assistance system “zoneCONTROL” wins HERMES award

Prestigious national award granted by the national transport section of the Austrian chamber of commerce in cooperation with the Logistik Kurier.

“zoneCONTROL” module and radio-based assistance system.

Intralogistics safety is an important issue.

Vienna: Jungheinrich’s “zoneCONTROL” is a modular, radio-based assistance system which deals with a large number of intralogistics faults. It provides extensive information as well as intervention options in the warehouse and on the truck. These functions can be freely combined with one another and are customised for each truck. Using a set of standard components, a software configuration produces tailored solutions for a wide range of applications in line with customers’ needs.

zoneCONTROL consists of a stationary radio anchor in the warehouse, a radio component, an assistance display on the forklift and a radio module for employees. The radio anchor produces a radio field which triggers actions on the anchor, the forklift or the assistance display system, or which provides the driver with warnings on his display. For instance, the radio anchor can be linked up with the control unit for a warehouse gate, so that this will only open once a truck approaches. At the same time, traffic and warning lights can alert the surrounding environment. Once a truck approaches the radio anchor, the crawl speed mode can be activated. This provides for effective ramp protection.

zoneCONTROL’s range of functions and flexibility enable highly context-sensitive and precise options to deal with problematic areas in the warehouse. This functions by means of various activation distances in relation to the anchor and is activated for the trucks or the situation in question which require intervention.

The product is particularly relevant for manufacturing companies. These companies are frequently faced with developed structures in relatively old and cramped buildings. This environment poses a wide range of accident risks, from T junctions hidden from view and inadequate clearances to hanging pipes with a risk of collision. zoneCONTROL effectively eliminates the risks associated with these danger zones.

Additional functions are highly useful for trade and logistics – such as ramp protection by means of activation of the crawl speed mode in the loading area or the link-up with traffic lights on the loading block which signal to the lorry driver that a forklift is still present in the danger zone and that it is not yet safe to drive off. Areas where forklifts and people intersect are always dangerous.  zoneCONTROL offers effective support here in order to reduce the risk of accidents.

About the HERMES.Verkehrs.Logistik.Preis award

The HERMES.Verkehrs.Logistik.Preis award stands for economy and innovation in Austria and is highly coveted among Austrian companies in the logistics sector. Companies received awards in the following categories: training, sustainability, safety, supply chain management and best SME. These awards were presented by the national transport section of the Austrian chamber of commerce and the Logistik Kurier.

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