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Jungheinrich FMS EN

Jungheinrich FMS

Digital solution for optimizing industrial truck fleets

  • Transparent overview and analysis of all relevant truck data
  • Interface (API) for data exchange with the customer's IT system
  • Industry's most modern and user-friendly user interface

Hamburg/Stuttgart, Germany, April 25, 2023 – Jungheinrich will present its new fleet management system at LogiMAT 2023 in Stuttgart. The Jungheinrich FMS is the digital solution for efficient and cross-location management of material handling equipment fleets. The web-based tool combines technical and commercial truck data in a single system and, thanks to comprehensive analyses, provides its users with precise data for concrete decisions. Thanks to digital access control, the reporting of shock events, and various cost and productivity analyses, users can improve the utilization rate of their fleet, reduce operating costs, and increase safety for people and machines. Thanks to the modular design of the system, users themselves always decide which modules and functions they want to use for their fleet.

A special feature of the Jungheinrich FMS is its interface for exchanging fleet data with the customer's IT system. Jungheinrich is the first material handling equipment manufacturer to offer such a solution for exchanging fleet data with third-party systems. Data exchange via the Jungheinrich FMS API enables improved planning and coordination of resources, thus avoiding bottlenecks and increasing productivity. Thanks to the bidirectional communication between the systems, the fleet management system responds to events as well as changes in the customer system and makes appropriate adjustments. This enables dynamic management of the fleet that can adapt to changing conditions and requirements.

In developing its new fleet management system, Jungheinrich paid particular attention to user-friendly operability. The Jungheinrich FMS is therefore equipped with the industry's most advanced and user-friendly user interface. A personal dashboard, which each user can set individually to suit his or her needs, provides a quick overview. Graphic visualizations make important information visible at a glance. Thanks to the clearly arranged user interface, the Jungheinrich FMS can be used quickly and intuitively without a long learning curve.

The Jungheinrich FMS is available in different equipment variants. The Starter Kit offers its users an inventory and location management with an overall view of the size and composition of the fleet at local and global level.  In addition to the listed Jungheinrich trucks, other inventory such as industrial trucks from other manufacturers can also be added manually. Master data such as truck type, manufacturer, age, specifications and location are saved. The system provides a complete overview of current and completed orders at any time. The operating hours module, which is also included in the Starter Kit, records the operating hours for all Jungheinrich trucks as well as for other equipment added manually. The operating hours forecast helps to coordinate operations and enables the rapid identification of trucks with a particularly high and low number of operating hours. 

In five other bundles, the Jungheinrich FMS offers various fields of application and functionalities. The Finance Bundle provides a well-founded cost analysis of the fleet at any time. It thus increases transparency and, thanks to automatic cost KPIs for all sites and trucks, allows easy identification of potential savings. The Access Bundle enables easy assignment and management of driver authorizations for individual vehicles, individually definable groups of vehicles or all vehicles together. The Quick Check enables a quick check of the industrial truck before it is put into operation. The Productivity Bundle allows the analysis of the fleet according to peak and parallel utilization. Utilization can be analysed in detail at vehicle level and unused or missing capacities as well as potentials for optimizing the fleet composition can be easily identified. The Safety Bundle provides maximum transparency of all shock events. It detects and documents errors as they occur. Shock parameters can be individually preconfigured for each vehicle type. Medium and severe shocks are reported directly in the system or to the warehouse management via push notifications or emails. Thanks to the Pre-Op Check module, individual checklists can also be created for visual and functional testing.

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