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Measures to protect employees, customers and supply chains

Jungheinrich has taken measures to minimise the potential impact of the coronavirus and global transport and material bottlenecks on supply chains and production. Here you will find answers to the most important Questions.

Are there currently delays in production and delivery? 

Events such as the temporary blockade of the Suez Canal, the closure of Chinese ports due to Corona cases and global material shortages continue to put pressure on supply chains worldwide and impact the availability of production parts. Furthermore, sharply rising transport costs and a lack of capacity are causing certain goods to be transported less frequently at present.   

Our main goal is to minimise the impact of the current situation on our customers. Therefore our “Supply Chain” task force analyses all developments on a daily basis in order to consistently act as quickly and pre-emptively as possible.  

Production at all the Jungheinrich plants is currently ongoing and supply chains are still intact. The sites of the Group are also running to the extent allowed by the particular local governmental regulations against the background of the Corona pandemic, with no big restrictions.

Delivery capability is guaranteed at present. Should there still be delays in delivery, the affected customers will be contacted by us directly. 

If you have any questions about individual deliveries, please do not hesitate to contact your Jungheinrich consultant. Customer service and delivery and supply of spare parts are running and stable.  

Will customer meetings continue to be held? 

After-sales services are always a matter of trust, and we want to live up to that trust even in difficult times and under these unusual circumstances. 

Our entire after-sales services team is working and keeping the agreed deadlines with customers. In general, there are no constraints on our after-sales services.

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Which measures have been initiated against the background of the Corona pandemic with regard to customer contact?  

In order to protect our employees as well as our customers, our employees are regularly informed about hygiene and behaviour rules in accordance with official regulations to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. We systematically record exactly when our employees are on duty with our customers and can communicate this if it becomes necessary to provide Information. 

Should a Jungheinrich employee be infected with the coronavirus, or should it be suspected that an employee is infected, the employee must immediately stop visiting customers until there is no longer a danger of infection for third parties. We will inform you straight away should we become aware that employees who were with you in the previous two weeks have become infected.   

Since the beginning of June, Jungheinrich has made a vaccination programme available to employees via the company doctors. Priority is given to employees who have a lot of contact with people, such as those in our production teams and in the customer or field service. 

Should you have additional requirements for the behaviour of our employees while they are on your property, we request that you inform us. We will examine these requirements promptly and forward them to our Employees. 

If you have additional questions or issues, please contact your Jungheinrich customer consultant at any time.

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