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Supply chains & material bottlenecks

Due to global transport and material bottlenecks, Jungheinrich has taken measures to minimise potential impacts on supply chains and production.

The consequences of the Corona pandemic, the Russian war of aggression in Ukraine as well as geopolitical uncertainties and global raw material and material bottlenecks, especially for electronic components, are putting increasing pressure on supply chains worldwide and impacting the availability of production parts. In addition, sharply rising transport costs and a lack of capacity mean that certain goods are currently being transported on a lower priority basis.

Our goal is to minimise the impact of the current situation on our customers. Therefore our "Supply Chain" task force analyses all developments in order to consistently act as quickly and pre-emptively as possible. We conduct consistent risk management of our suppliers and their suppliers with intensive analysis of the value chains, material dependencies and other legal and political supply chain risks. In parallel, we monitor supply ranges, capacities, delivery times and delivery routes as well as import regulations and sanctions under foreign trade law. These measures have enabled us to successfully maintain our supply chains over the last two and a half years.

At the present time, production in all Jungheinrich plants is running with a production programme adapted to the supply chain and the ability to deliver is basically secured at present. In the event of delays in delivery, the customers affected will be contacted directly by us as early as possible. Customer service as well as spare parts supply and delivery continue to be stable.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact your Jungheinrich consultant directly.

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