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action medeor

World Humanitarian Aid Day

Ten years of partnership between Jungheinrich and action medeor

Current corporate donation of 35,000 euros

Jungheinrich employees donate remaining cent from their own salary

Today's World Humanitarian Aid Day is dedicated to the individuals and institutions that help people in need around the world. Founded in 1964, the German medical aid organisation, action medeor e.V., supports people in developing countries with medicines and medical equipment. Today, action medeor is the largest European medical aid organisation. Together with local partners, it supplies some 10,000 health stations with medicines and medical materials in 140 countries worldwide. Jungheinrich has been supporting this important work for ten years. Today, the company announced a further donation of 35,000 euros to action medeor.

Dr. Lars Brzoska, Chairman of the Board of Management of Jungheinrich AG, explains: "Taking on social responsibility is part of Jungheinrich's corporate philosophy. Today, on Humanitarian Aid Day, we would like to thank action medeor and its many helpers for the great work they do worldwide in emergency and disaster relief. If our support over the last ten years and our latest donation is making a contribution towards this important humanitarian work, we are very pleased."

The donation now announced is in addition to the annual remainder cent campaign run by Jungheinrich employees. Under the motto "Every cent counts", a large proportion of Jungheinrich employees from Germany, Italy, Austria, Portugal and Spain donate the cents after the decimal point on their payslips every month as part of this voluntary campaign. What is only a small amount for each individual becomes a large sum over the course of the year. In 2021, the donation from the remainder cent campaign amounted to over 31,000 euros. In the ten years that the remainder cent campaign has been running at Jungheinrich, more than a quarter of a million euros has already been collected.

"The fact that Jungheinrich and its employees have been supporting our aid organisation for so many years fills us with respect and gratitude," says Sid Peruvemba, Spokesman of the Board of action medeor. "In Jungheinrich, we have a partner who supports us in many ways – with regular donations, but also with logistical know-how and in equipping our medicine warehouse. In our view, the partnership between Jungheinrich and action medeor, which has now lasted ten years, is an impressive example of how companies meet their social responsibility in a creative and sustainable way."

action medeor provides emergency and disaster relief worldwide to enable people in crisis situations to receive health care. This year, the largest part of Jungheinrich's donation will go towards humanitarian aid in connection with the Russia-Ukraine war. action medeor operates a medicine warehouse in Ternopil in western Ukraine. From there, health stations throughout the country are supplied with medicines and medical supplies. Furthermore, Jungheinrich's current donation supports reconstruction aid measures in Haiti and the improvement of health care in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

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