Product groups

Structure of product group management

Jungheinrich has established a comprehensive product group management system to facilitate reaching its procurement targets. Along the lines of the organisational structure of the product group management system, the demand requirements are structured according to our five areas with a total of 48 main product groups, each broken down into detailed product groups. A product group is made up of the parts and components and suppliers which, from a procurement perspective, deliver the most synergies. We have arranged them on the basis of the following two criteria: homogenous parts and component structure and homogenous supplier structure. Our main product groups are subdivided into five areas.

Indirect materials/services

This refers to indirect materials needed for maintenance and repair work or for a company’s day-to-day operations.


Trading goods

This refers above all to warehouse equipment, logistics systems, complete units, batteries and chargers.


Steel fabrications

This refers to semi-finished steel fabrications, flat products, steel assemblies, castings, forgings, formed and processed parts.


Vehicle components

This section refers above all to the management of all components used in assembling our different vehicles.


Spare parts management

This refers to direct materials needed to supply spare parts, but not or no longer needed for series production.


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