Questions and answers

You may still have questions on how Jungheinrich’s purchasing is organised or on how to proceed. We have prepared these FAQs and the answers on these issues.

How is purchasing structured?

It is divided into three areas
- Production
- Services/trading goods
- Spare parts management

What does Jungheinrich source?

Here is an overview of the product groups.

How can I apply to be a new supplier to Jungheinrich?

Check to see what is (are) the relevant product groups and find out which materials and services etc. we actively purchase. Then you can start the process of becoming one of our suppliers. First you have to answer some qualification questions and fill out a questionnaire for assessment by our product group management team. That is also the address if you want to offer us innovative products, processes or patents.

What does Jungheinrich understand by the term “innovation”?

Innovation is the invention, development and successful implementation of new or improved products or services for the market or for  Jungheinrich that add customer value, improve market attractiveness or enhance our competitive edge.

What happens after you have submitted an innovation concept?

After you have submitted an innovation concept you will receive confirmation of the receipt of your submission by e-mail and be given the opportunity to elaborate on the contents submitted to us. After your innovation concept has been evaluated by the respective manager for the relevant commodity group, he will inform you in good time as to the status of your submission.

How can I put myself forward as an innovative supplier to Jungheinrich?

See the question above “How can I apply to be a new supplier to Jungheinrich?” 

What can I do if have forgotten my access details for logging on to the supplier pages?

Please contact us here.
Or get in contact with your already existing partner at Jungheinrich
from the departements for Purchasing, Quality management or Logistics.
We are pleased to help you.

What does AEO status mean?

An Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) is a supplier who, in terms of his customs-relevant activities in the entire European Community, has been certified by the relevant national customs authorities and is therefore recognised as a reliable supplier entitled to certain customs handling benefits across the EU. The aim is to safeguard the supply chain from the manufacturer of a product to the final user. There are three types of AEO status:

• A Customs Simplification AEO certificate (AEO C)
• A Security and Safety AEO certificate (AEO S)
• A Combined Customs Simplification/Security and Safety AEO certificate (AEO F). Applications must be submitted to the relevant national customs authorities.

What is an AEO Security Declaration?

So that Jungheinrich can comply with the AEO safety and security requirements Jungheinrich is obligated to inform all business partners on measures to be taken to secure the supply chain. To confirm your acceptance of the obligation to comply with the safety and security requirements you, as business partner, can as the case may be, either sign and return the AEO Security Declaration or inform Jungheinrich that your company is already certified as an AEO. In the former case, the recommended draft in German for the AEO Security Declaration can be found on the homepage of the German Customs Administration .

Have you got any questions or suggestions regarding our supplier pages?

Please fill in our online-form for all questions and suggestions here.

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