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As a world leader in intralogistics, our company takes responsibility for its actions – economically, ecologically and socially. With our understanding of sustainability, we embody "responsibility" on a daily basis.
Would you like to learn more about the importance of sustainability for us? Click here to continue reading our online Annual Report 2020.

The importance of solid brand values

Founded in 1953 as a family enterprise, Jungheinrich has established itself as one of the world's leading logistics companies. Now, as then, we continue to embrace our corporate responsibility. We do so on the basis of excellent products, first-rate employees and a solid foundation of values.


The efficient use of energy and resources in our products and solutions ensures a high level of customer benefits and minimises negative ecological impact.

Firmly anchored in the company

As an internationally active family firm, Jungheinrich bears a great deal of social responsibility – for society, its customers and employees, the environment as well as for its business.


We rely on the utmost safety standards in order to supply high-quality as well as safe products and solutions.

Public and audited

Jungheinrich has created a compliance profile at Integrity Next, which enables us to provide our customers, investors and all interested parties with a quick and efficient overview of our sustainability performance. We also use Integrity Next to evaluate our suppliers ourselves.

Our skills are backed up by a wide range of certificates, covering aspects like driver training as well as quality management.

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