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Content Pressemitteilung 14.05.18 Nudelfabrik

Semi-automatic logistics solution for Germany's largest noodle factory

Process reliability thanks to EKS 215a automated order picker

Compact warehouse with shuttle system for efficient use of space

Logistics interface communicates between trucks and the Warehouse Management System

Hamburg/Erfurt: Jungheinrich is building a semi-automatic finished goods warehouse for Germany's oldest noodle producer, die Erfurter Teigwaren GmbH, based in Erfurt, Thuringia. The new hall with a length of 130 metres and a width of 55 metres will provide a Jungheinrich shuttle solution with space for more than 26,000 pallets. Maintrans Logistik GmbH has been handling the logistics for Erfurter Teigwaren GmbH for eight years. Together with the intralogistics experts from Jungheinrich, the companies are now pushing ahead with the modernisation of the warehouse on the plant premises. The objective of the project commissioned by Maintrans Logistik GmbH is to enhance production and logistics in Germany's largest noodle factory in Erfurt.

The factory produces goods around the clock, seven days a week. Commissioning of the new warehouse is scheduled for October this year. A special feature of the system is the use of Jungheinrich EKS 215a automated guided vehicles. The fully automated driverless vehicles operate a rack system with a total of six Jungheinrich Under Pallet Carriers. The shuttles are completely controlled by WLAN and communicate constantly with the autonomous Jungheinrich vehicles. By implementing this solution for the first time, it was possible to significantly increase the efficiency of the compact warehouse with shuttle system. The automated guided vehicles are regulated by Jungheinrich control software in combination with the Jungheinrich logistics interface. This middleware performs the tasks of the central communication unit and translates the information needed for data exchange between the trucks and the Warehouse Management System.

This is also the case for the manual Jungheinrich fork lift trucks used in Erfurt. The three ETV 320 reach trucks are equipped with the liftNAVIGATION semi-automatic rack height selector, which makes storage and retrieval at great heights much more efficient. After completion, Jungheinrich provides a full service for the complete system.

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