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The importance of solid brand values

Family business

As a family company, sustainability runs in our blood. Our success is huge – thanks to the entrepreneurial spirit and innovative drive of our exceptional employees. But another strength of Jungheinrich is our commitment to our brand values.

Sustainable thinking and behaviour will shape the future

Jungheinrich is a family business founded by Dr Friedrich Jungheinrich in Hamburg in 1953. Today we are among the world's leading intralogistics companies. In 2020, our more than 18,000 employees helped us to achieve global revenue of €3.8 billion. Our products are marketed by 41 direct distribution companies in Europe, Asia Africa, Australia and South America.

The Group strategy is focused on sustainable, profitable growth in order to enhance the value of the company. Would you like to learn more about our Strategy 2025+? Click on our Annual Report 2021 to continue reading online.

Our values dictate our actions

Our success is largely based on our values as a family-driven company: for us trust and mutual respect give our company its unwavering stability. The principles of sustainable corporate governance – long-term responsibility towards our customers, the environment, society and our own employees – are a fundamental part of our day-to-day activities. After all, in this globalised economy, dependable values are more important now than ever before.

A reliable partner for our customers

Long-term business relationships are far more important to us than short-term deals. The high level of customer satisfaction that we experience is based on our first-class products and services. Our portfolio not only includes forklift trucks for all sectors and applications, which we supply as new, rental or used trucks, but also comprises of services such as the planning, development and implementation of complex storage systems and automation solutions. To ensure that our customers can trust in Jungheinrich solutions in the long term, we primarily use in-house developments.

Jungheinrich represents a reliable, one-stop shop for everything from planning and analysis to digital controls; from racking and warehouse equipment to sophisticated energy options and a global service network. Everything we do is focused on optimising the process flows of our customers, raising warehouse productivity and lowering operating costs. And this in turn will improve our collective energy balance and environmental impact.

High standards for the future

In the future, we will continue to practice our family values in the conflicting area that exists between market demands and corporate responsibility. As a family company with a solid foundation of values, we will play a big part in shaping the future of intralogistics. Our aim is to establish our exacting standards as industry-wide benchmarks. After all, everyone shares the same corporate responsibility towards society and the environment – and we intend to lead the way.

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