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Stage Umfangreiche Kontrollmechanismen

Comprehensive control mechanisms

Defined control steps allow us to ensure our customers receive a product that meets high safety standards. Systematic inspections in our production facilities permit the detection of internal or third-party issues, enabling continuous improvements to be made.

In every production plant, inspection activities are performed after every significant production step as standard. As well as safety-related aspects such as braking, steering, lifting and travel, the quality of products is also inspected both within and at the end of assembly lines. Sampling also takes place – during which the operational stability is also tested – and regular, comprehensive audits are held by Quality Assurance in collaboration with Development, After Sales Service and Production.

Greater transparency within error management

To make our production more effective and to safeguard quality, we are gradually introducing a new technology: The Andon system allows every employee to quickly identify that there is a problem at his workstation and determine what type of error it is. This supports the real-time detection of errors within assembly and also in preproduction in future. The system is already in place at the Degernpoint plant and is now being gradually rolled out at the other plants.

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