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Stage Fazit & Prognose
The future of drive systems

Conclusion / Forecast

There is no one solution for drive systems that covers all applications.

  • There will be no "single technology" that is more suitable than others for all individual applications. In the future there will also be certain cases in which a lead battery or internal combustion engine will be the best financial solution.
  • The still complex nature of the technology and the lack of a pervasive infrastructure needed for hydrogen supply will prevent fuel cell technology
    from achieving a breakthrough in industrial trucks.
  • Use of hybrid technology in industrial trucks cannot be justified at current and anticipated energy prices. Hybrid technology would not become a cost-effective alternative in the segment of especially large, heavy industrial trucks unless prices rose sharply and unexpectedly.
  • Costs for lithium-ion cells will fall drastically due to mass production and industrial manufacturing.
  • Lithium-ion batteries will first make inroads financially in trucks working in
    three-shift operation.
  • Future trucks will be designed so that they can be fitted either with lead
    batteries or with lithium-ion batteries. Approval of defined types by the truck manufacturer is mandatory for safety reasons.
  • In the long term, the extremely low space requirement of lithium-ion batteries will facilitate completely new truck concepts in terms of dimensions and ergonomics.
  • Future regulations and legislation will result in demonstrable reduction of CO2. Lithium technology will make a significant contribution to this accomplishment.

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