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Product life-cycle assessment

Forming part of the transport and logistics sector, intralogistics is responsible for around 5 % of global emissions. As a leading intralogistics company, we take our responsibility very seriously and are the first company in the industry to develop our own product life-cycle assessment.

Reducing CO2 through efficiency

We are pursuing the long-term goal of reducing direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions by 20 % from 2010 to 2020. We have already managed to achieve a reduction of 16 %. By implementing technological, operational and organisational measures, we are not only improving our own energy efficiency but also giving our customers the opportunity to reduce their CO2 emissions and the associated energy costs.

Reducing our CO2 emissions

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The first product life-cycle assessment in the industry

As a premier manufacturer of forklift trucks, we have developed a TÜV-certified product life-cycle assessment that encompasses a systematic analysis of the life cycle of our products. Differentiated consideration of the manufacturing, usage and refurbishing phases allows us to pinpoint the phase in the life cycle of our products that has the greatest impact on the environment. The certified overall result from 2000 to 2010 has already resulted in a 24 % reduction in CO2 emissions, which we have been able to achieve thanks to various technological milestones.

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