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Sometimes, Jungheinrich is not yellow but gold.

Sometimes Jungheinrich is even better than yellow, it is gold.

Year after year, our solutions win awards. Although our customers’ satisfaction is the greatest praise for us, we are delighted about each and every prize. Because under the scrutiny of independent juries – industry experts, product designers and trade journal readers – only the best will prevail.

Dr Lars Brzoska,
Chairman of the Board of Management

„Your satisfaction is the most important award for us.“

Logo Best of Industry Award (1)

Best of Industry Award

The Best of Industry Award has once again recognised outstanding products from the industry: Our lithium-ion reach truck ETV 216i convinced the jury right across the board.

Efficient winner: Best of Industry Award for the ETV 216i.

Already in its fifth year, MM Maschinenmarkt recognises impressive innovations in the field of industrial products. We are delighted that the world’s first reach truck with fully integrated lithium-ion technology ETV 216i has been able to convince the industry experts, winning the coveted trophy in the category of operating technology for Jungheinrich. An elaborate selection procedure led to 31 nominees being chosen in eleven categories. The winners were subsequently selected by an independent jury in conjunction with online voting organised by MM Maschinenmarkt.

The ETV 216i is an in-house development made at the Jungheinrich plant in Norderstedt. This piece of impressive engineering comes with a spacious operator workplace, perfect all-round visibility and maximum energy efficiency. The ETV 216i combines permanently high power and performance for storage and retrieval or order-picking operations with the advantages of a powerful and space-saving lithium-ion battery. This fully integrated lithium-ion technology ensures zero maintenance, a long service life and fast charging times. There is no longer the need for tedious battery changes, which ultimately saves time and costs.

The award for the ETV 216i is further proof for us that we are well equipped for the future with the continuous further development of our products and solutions in times of rapid transformation.

Learn more about our award winning ETV 216i:

Reach Truck 1,6t
ETV 216i

The world’s first reach truck with a fully integrated lithium-ion battery.

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Picture Awards Beste Logistik Marke 2020

Best Logistics Brand 2020.

Awarded once again. For the fourth time, Jungheinrich wins the prestigious industry award "Best Logistics Brand”.

Victory in several categories: Jungheinrich continues to impress as an outstanding logistics brand in 2020.

Every year, Germany´s leading logistics brands are awarded for their outstanding work in the reader and expert poll "Best Logistics Brand". The choice is made between brands that have a particularly high market relevance due to the highest sales in the German market. To determine the winners, eleven categories were formed to cover all major areas of the logistics industry. They include, for example, industrial trucks, logistics consulting, logistics services on land, sea or in the air as well as IT for warehouse management.

With their vote, the LOGISTIK HEUTE readership decides which brands they like the best. We are very proud that we were able to convince the jury in two categories at the presentation of the industry award in 2020. Jungheinrich wins in the category "Conveyor and warehousing technology, order picking" and also takes second place on the winners' podium in the category "IT for Warehouse Management".

We are extremely pleased about these awards because they are the best proof for us that professional analogue and digital processes go hand in hand at Jungheinrich and that we are able to impress with integrated warehouse solutions in the long run. Our gratitude goes to the readers, our customers and the initiators of the award, the leading German industry magazine LOGISTIK HEUTE and the Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) e.V., for offering this annual platform which allows us to measure ourselves against other strong brands from the logistics industry time and time again.

Content iF Design Award 2019


Excellent all-round: as the first Jungheinrich electric pallet stacker with lithium-ion technology and a revolutionary new design, the ERC 216zi wins the renowned design prize.

Our wonder of design and ergonomics succeeds at the iF Design Award.

First presented in 1953, the iF Design Award stands for exceptional design achievements with innovative power. Every year, ambitious companies apply to decorate their products with the oldest independent design seal in the world. Jungheinrich entered the competition with the new ERC 216zi, the world´s first electric pallet stacker with lithium-ion battery and a revolutionary new truck design.

By eliminating the battery compartment, the new design enables a completely new vehicle architecture that offers plenty of room for an ergonomic driver's seat. A fixed platform supports the operator from three sides, while the height-adjustable drawbar knob, intelligent assistance systems and intuitive handling of the truck offer maximum comfort while working.


Lithium-ion battery with rapid charge and boosting charge features.

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Innovative, intuitive and efficient all-round.

The harmonious overall concept, in which vehicle and battery literally merge, also convinced the jury: the ERC 216zi wins the iF Design Award in the category Automobiles / Vehicles for Jungheinrich. Not least because the ultra-compact and extremely maneuverable stacker ensures maximum productivity thanks to its lithium-ion power with fast and intermediate charging capability.

Picture Eco Vadis 2020

Gold honour by EcoVadis

EcoVadis is one of the leading sustainability assessment platforms and evaluates the environmental and social practices of companies. The areas audited include the environment, labour and human rights, ethics and sustainable procurement.

Responsible business is part of Jungheinrich's economic self-perception

Jungheinrich was honoured by EcoVadis for its commitment to corporate social responsibility and awarded a gold medal. This places Jungheinrich among the most responsible five per cent of more than 55,000 certified companies and among the top companies in terms of sustainability

Picture KVD Service Preis

Service Management Award

For more than 25 years, the Service Management Award presented by the Kundendienstverband Deutschland KVB (Customer Service Association Germany) has honoured exceptional service ideas or innovations. In 2019, our simulator for professional forklift training was able to triumph over competitors like Audi and thyssenkrupp.

Picture KVD Servicepreis

Virtual training for more warehouse safety

Using our simulator, forklift drivers can train on various truck types in a virtual warehouse environment. This provides specific benefits whenever resources are scarce: e.g. when no trucks or trainers are available (during high season or around Christmas time) or there is not enough space in the warehouse for practice drives.

Logo IFOY Award

IFOY Award

Victory for Jungheinrich at the IFOY Award.

Innovation is rewarded: Jungheinrich has once again won the sought-after prize at the IFOY Award, the "International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year". 

Warehouse Truck of the year 2019.

15 products from twelve different manufacturers were nominated for the IFOY Award 2019 – a wide range of innovative solutions and forward-looking logistics trends. We are very proud that one of our products convinced the jury so that it was honoured at the IFOY Award Night in the Hofburg in Vienna.

The victory in the category “Warehouse Truck” goes to our world's first lithium-ion reach truck, the ETV 216i. This truck truly impresses with its integrated lithium-ion battery for maximum 24/7 performance and his revolutionary truck design.

The jury emphasizes in its statement: “The ETV 216i, which for the first time uses a custom-made lithium-ion battery, heralds a new generation of reach trucks. The result is a compact machine with numerous improvements in terms of ergonomics, performance and safety.”

ETV 216i
Warehouse Truck of the year 2019.

Reach truck wins the IFOY Award 2019.

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Content Awards German Design 2019

German Design Award 2019

Every year, the renowned German Design Award and its top-class jury celebrate the most innovative and pioneering products as well as international design trends. We are proud that Jungheinrich’s innovative design approach has been rewarded with a total of five awards in 2019, including a GOLD award for the revolutionary ETV 216i reach truck.

Five-time win for Jungheinrich at the German Design Award 2019.

The German Design Council are the experts in brand and design in Germany. Once again, they presented the German Design Award for 2019 for outstanding products and pioneering projects that are both highly successful and contribute to the German and international design landscape. Jungheinrich’s reliable instinct for innovative design trends was rewarded with an amazing total of 5 awards.

Our big winner is the reach truck ETV 216i – its completely new, revolutionary truck design convinced the jury and was rewarded with gold in the “Industry” category. The secret of this innovative truck: A integrated lithium-ion battery, which fits in perfectly with the overall concept of the truck and renders the ETV 216i a well-proportioned, high-performance storage and retrieval tool. According to the jury, the truck looks “lightweight, dynamic and compact, and the brand’s core values have been magnificently transposed into the design.”

The EJE 116 electric pallet truck, the expert in the economical transport of pallets over short distances, also won in the “Industry” category. This vehicle impresses with its compact, consistent design and innovative multifunction tiller arm with advanced sensor technology – making for reliable and ergonomical operation.

Moreover, the strategic reorientation of the Jungheinrich brand was rewarded in the “Brand Identity” category, with the company now representing a seamless and holistic brand experience across all contact points. For one, this is reflected in our successful LogiMAT trade fair appearance for the international trade fair for intralogistics solutions, which also won the Winner Award in the “Fair and Exhibition” category. In addition, the new Jungheinrich Intranet was honoured with a Special Mention by the jury for enhancing simple and intuitive employee communication.

This is a great result that makes us extremely proud and motivates us to continue our visionary thinking and to remain open to new technologies and design trends.

ETV 216i
GOLD Winner in the category “Industry”

Our big winner is the reach truck ETV 216i.

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EJE 116
Winner in the category "Industry"

The expert in the economical transport of pallets over short distances.

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Content Best Practice Award

Logistra Readers' Choice: Innovations 2018

The readers have voted! At the annual Readers’ Choice "best pratice: Innovations 2018" the magazine LOGISTRA honors the best and most innovative logistics solutions of the year. We are very pleased to announce that our ETV 216i wins in the category forklift trucks.

Innovative victory: Our ETV 216i wins at the LOGISTRA Readers' Choice.

As part of its Readers' Choice "best practice: Innovations 2018" LOGISTRA, the practice magazine for commercial vehicle fleets and warehouse logistics, honors outstanding and innovative products which were developed in the logistics industry the past year. We are proud to say that the LOGISTRA readers voted the latest innovation in our lithium-ion technology, our reach truck ETV 216i, straight to the podium.

24 impressive innovations were presented in eight different categories. Every year the editors of the LOGISTRA magazine choose the candidates and try to find out which innovations the intralogistics industry needs the most and which products could transform logistics processes to the better. For this choice not only novelty is important, practicality also decides. As an ideal partner for effective stacking and retrieval the ETV 216i has a lot to offer. Thanks to a compactly installed lithium-ion battery a completely new and revolutionary vehicle design was realized. It does not only offer increased performance in the warehouse, but also ergonomically optimized working conditions for the driver and maximum safety through perfect all-round visibility.
The ETV 216i is an innovative overall concept where battery and vehicle form a harmonious unit which boosts throughput performance to the maximum with integrated Li-ion power – our benchmark for effective logistics processes.

Innovative victory:
Our ETV 216i wins at the LOGISTRA Readers' Choice.

The LOGISTRA readers have voted: Our reach truck ETV 216i is one of the smartest logistics innovations of 2018.

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Content Immersive Learning Award 2018 (2)

Immersive Learning Award 2018

Only the most innovative companies are able to convince the jury of the Immersive Learning Award: Just like Jungheinrich with its VR training – the project wins gold in the category “Customer Project”. The award will be granted as a part of the Lear Next in three categories: "Standard Tools", "Standard Content" and " Customer Project ".

Gold for Jungheinrich VR training.

Jungheinrich wins Gold in the category "Customer Project" at the Immersive Learning Award 2018, which is a great honour especially in times of digitalisation and the increasing use of virtual learning tools. The project "VR Training at the Jungheinrich Training Centre" shows impressively how employees and customers can benefit from the use of new technologies like virtual reality (VR), and how learning success can be achieved faster and more economically. "If you don’t strive to improve, you cease to be good." This quote from Philip Rosenthal is the motto according to which the 54 employees of the Jungheinrich Training Center have been working since 2008. With success: In 2017, 4,250 participants took part in 850 trainings, immersing themselves into those new worlds of learning.

Gold for Jungheinrich VR training.
Winning with learning effect!

Jungheinrich wins at the Immersive Learning Award 2018 in the category "Customer Project".

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German Brand Award 18

German Brand Award 2018

In 2018 the German Brand Award honors outstanding achievements in the field of brand management for the third time. We are very proud to be a Gold Winner in the category "Industry Excellence in Branding".

Jungheinrich wins Gold at the German Brand Award 2018.

The German Brand Institute and the German Design Council once again nominate successful brands for outstanding brand management and sustainable brand communication at the German Brand Award 2018. We are honored to receive the Award as the Gold Winner in the category “Industry, Machines & Engineering”. This award has a very special meaning, because it confirms that Jungheinrich has done everything right concerning the strategic reorientation of the brand. The jury statement says: “With its new brand design, Jungheinrich has provided a prime example of what professional brand management should look like – and has done so clearly and demonstrably down to the minutest details.”

The Jungheinrich brand DNA unfolds as a holistic and convincing brand experience across all contact points, with the individual group divisions appearing completely rounded. This creates a coherent brand strategy for employees, service providers and customers. The digitization of the brand has been successfully promoted at all levels to take advantage of the great growth opportunities of globalization, e-commerce and Industry 4.0 and provide professional brand work. A level of consistency that convinced the jury. The basis for the brand strategy was a well-founded international brand analysis, which also included employees from a wide variety of specialist fields and hierarchy levels. Because only a brand strategy that is credibly demonstrated from the inside out can unfold its positive effect on the brand experience at all contact points.

Gold for Jungheinrich!
German Brand Award 2018

For outstanding brand management, our brand was awarded the Gold Winner in the category "Industry, Machines & Engineering”.

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Logo Beste Fabriksoftware

Best Factory Software 2018

Jungheinrich WMS named “Best Factory Software 2018”.

The Jungheinrich Warehouse Management System (WMS) has been chosen as the “Best Factory Software of 2018” by the Industry 4.0 Research and Application Centre at the University of Potsdam. From a total of 30 systems nominated, a jury made up of scholars and logistics industry representa¬tives selected Jungheinrich’s warehouse management software as the winner in the “Logistics” category. It won over the jurors above all due to its particularly high customer benefits, its easy integration into existing software structures as well as its particularly intuitive and easy-to-use new user interface, which reduces operator errors to an absolute minimum.

Innovation of the Year 2018

Innovator of the Year 

Jungheinrich is “Innovator of the Year 2018”.

For the third time in a row, “Statista” and the German business journal “brand eins Wissen” conducted an innovation survey to identify the most innovative companies in Germany in 2018. More than 2,000 interviewed industry and innovation experts were asked to name their favourites from over 3,400 Germany-based companies out of 20 industries. The ranking also considered various awards, such as the German Design Award, DEKRA Award or the Manufacturing Excellence Award.

The remarkable thing about this prize is that the final evaluation is comprised of an algorithmic weighting of various factors, thus reflecting not only opinions but also facts. Jungheinrich – as a comprehensive system provider in intralogistics – has made it onto the best-of list in the industry “Railway, Ship, Aircraft and other Vehicle Construction as well as Suppliers” in the category “Companies with More than 250 Employees”, proudly accepting the title “Innovator of the Year 2018”.

Innovation and the new development of innovative products and services has always been an important pillar in the company’s success, so that Jungheinrich has become a competent and award-winning partner in terms of lithium-ion technology, automation and safety as well as digitalization and connectivity.

Logo Red Dot Design Award

Red Dot Design Award

Jungheinrich EKX 516 and ERE 120/125/225 receive sought-after design trophy.

For this year's Red Dot Design Awards, participants from 54 countries registered more than 5,500 products and innovations. The trophy is exclusively reserved for products with outstanding design that considerably sets them apart from competing products in the marketplace. An international jury adjudicated the prizes, which will be handed over during an awards ceremony in the Red Dot Design Museum Essen in Germany.

Jungheinrich won out twice in the category Vehicles: To start with, our high rack stacker EKX 516 received the sought-after award. The electric tri-lateral stacker was successful thanks to its clear shapes and sinewy surfaces. Its design makes for a striking appearance, distinguishing the vehicle significantly from competitor's trucks. The EKX's design not only emphasizes the value of the brand Jungheinrich, it also highlights the characteristics of the truck: a combination of the latest technology and intelligent solutions for maximum productivity and efficiency.

Double win in the category Vehicles

With the electric ride-on pallet truck ERE 120/125/225, Jungheinrich was also declared a winner in the category Vehicles. Thanks to a customizable modular system, our new ERE provides more than 4,000 different configuration options, thus already taking into account the growing demand for flexibility of the future market. Despite this high variance, the ergonomic human-machine interfaces as well as the access and temporary storage options are always positioned in the same place, ensuring a recognition value of 100 percent. The distinctive Jungheinrich design with its combination of dynamics and durability conveys competence that creates trust and incites enthusiasm.

Honoring the Jungheinrich design strategy

Professor Dr. Peter Zec, founder and CEO of the Red Dot Award, honors the winners: “The Red Dot winners are pursuing the right design strategy. They have recognized that good design and economic success go hand in hand. The critical appraisal of the Red Dot jury documents their high design quality and is indicative of their successful design policy.”

DPDHL Supplier Award

Deutsche Post DHL Group Supplier Award 2017

Jungheinrich honored in the category “Sustainability”.

Jungheinrich AG has won the "DPDHL Group Supplier Awards" – a prize that for the first time has been awarded by the Deutsche Post DHL Group, honoring valued suppliers of the logistics specialist. Our company prevailed in the category "Sustainability".

Among a total of 90 contenders, Jungheinrich won in the category "Sustainability". With this award, the Deutsche Post DHL Group wants to intensify cooperation with its strategic suppliers and recognize their contribution the company's "Strategy 2020".

Jungheinrich member of the Board of Management Dr. Lars Brzoska accepts the award

During the award ceremony in Troisdorf near Bonn, Dr. Lars Brzoska, member of the Jungheinrich Board of Management Sales, accepted the trophy. On behalf of Jungheinrich, he expressed his gratitude: "In order to maximize our customers' benefits, we at Jungheinrich have been focussing on sustainable solutions for more than 60 years. As a family enterprise, we constantly think about future generations. For this reason, the DPDHL Group Supplier Award in the category Sustainability is a special honor and acknowledgement of our efforts, always based on reliability and partnership. By refurbishing used vehicles, for which we've received this award, we give our forklift trucks a second life and thus reduce their CO2 footprint by up to 80 per cent. We will continue to take our ecological responsibility serious by expanding our business model and by using cutting-edge technology made by Jungheinrich, such as li-ion technology to boost energy efficiency, in order to lay the foundation for corporate sustainability."

Honoring refurbishment of used forklift trucks

With the award in the category "Sustainability", the Deutsche Post DHL Group recognized the refurbishment of used forklift trucks in our Used Equipment Center Dresden. With the highest standards of safety, sustainability and strict quality controls, old vehicles are restored to a perfect technical and visual condition in a consistent and for all truck models identical procedure of six steps.

Drastic reduction of CO2 emissions

By implementing a number of technological innovations, which have now become the CO2 emissions benchmark, we have drastically reduced the level of CO2emissions across our entire range of trucks. For this achievement, the TÜV Nord issued the environmental seal of approval "Product Lifecycle Assessment" to Jungheinrich as the first industrial truck manufacturer. Energy efficiency of drive systems remains a key topic of Jungheinrich research, with our lithium-ion technology setting further benchmarks.

Logo Manufacturing Excellence Awards

Manufacturing Excellence Award

The Manufacturing Excellence Award has been a benchmarking competition for best practice in the industry for over ten years.

Jungheinrich Landsberg production plant voted best company in the Product Innovation category.

Each year, the Manufacturing Excellence Network honours the innovative strength of the manufacturing industry in the German-speaking world. In a two-stage application process, Jungheinrich Landsberg AG & Co. KG secured the coveted title of Best Company in the Product Innovation category, building on the results of a self-assessment audit and a business review on site by proven experts. 

Prof. Dr-Ing. Thomas Wimmer, Chairman of the Board of Bundesvereinigung Logistik (BVL) encapsulated it in his laudatory speech:
"Due to its strong competitive position and successful product innovations as well as various idea generators, Jungheinrich is ahead of the competition. A consistently modular product concept guarantees production-oriented customisation and is a sign of intelligent solutions. The Landsberg plant is modern, sustainable and structured for growth"

We are delighted with this recognition from industry experts, which once again proves Jungheinrich's leading position as a provider of intralogistics solutions.

Logo Fox Finance Award


The FOX FINANCE Award evaluates brand-enhancing content solutions in communication and marketing based on business, CSR/sustainability and other reports in print and online as well as in moving images. The award is considered an efficiency benchmark in corporate reporting.

Jungheinrich wins gold.

Communication performance in reporting is growing and Jungheinrich is at the forefront. Supported by Mittweida University of Applied Sciences and Münster University of Applied Sciences, FOX FINANCE 2017 shone deeply into the corporate reporting efficiency of predominantly globally active companies, organisations and foundations. From among 168 submitted reporting solutions, we were twice able to secure the coveted "Gold" premium ranking.

The awards are determined in a three-stage process. The first round takes place internally at dapamedien Verlag, which launched the FOX AWARDS three years ago. The participating jurors from practice, science and teaching then examine the submitted reports intensively during an extensive jury session lasting several weeks by way of an evaluation grid developed in cooperation with Roland Berger and FOX FINANCE initiator Pia Dahlem. In the case of deviations in these evaluation rounds, a third team is used for the final assessment. Pia Dahlem is convinced that with this complex evaluation process she is able to offer a uniqueness in competition-oriented reporting analysis. 

We agree with her opinion and are delighted with the award for the Annual Report 2016.

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