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Jungheinrich Introduces New Electric Pedestrian Stacker

Jungheinrich is bringing its new EMC 110 electric pedestrian stacker to market in April. This ergonomically leading-edge truck is not only easy and safe to use, it is also incredibly versatile: Its applications range from stocking supermarket shelves to supplying components to production machines.

Jungheinrich has charged into spring 2009 with the launch of its new electric pedestrian stacker. Produced at the Jungheinrich plant in Norderstedt, Germany, the new EMC 110 stacker can transport up to 1,000 kilogrammes of weight, with a lift height up to 2.0 meters. Thanks to its compact design, performance efficiency and extreme operator-friendliness, the truck is capable of deployment in a broad range of application settings.

“This truck is designed in such a way that it can be used effortlessly in the supermarket, but also for production supply,” comments Oliver Hiekel, Head of Product Management and Product Marketing pedestrian trucks at Jungheinrich. By allowing the operator to lift pallets quickly and easily to the required height, the stacker also doubles as a lifting table in a variety of situations: The operator can easily pick and deposit goods from the pallet without any stress on the back.

Multi-function tiller head: Easy, safe and intuitive to operate

The EMC 110 comes standard-equipped with a newly developed multi-function tiller head, which is specially designed to meet the full range of operator requirements. Colour coding provides for intuitive operation, and the multi-function head guarantees smooth operation of the truck in any tiller position. All travel functions are directly controllable from the tiller head, which is easily accessible and eliminates the need to reach around to levers on the chassis. In the words of Oliver Hiekel: “In practice, this means the operator can concentrate entirely on loading and depositing goods, resulting in a considerable improvement in user safety.”

A series of ergonomic and technological refinements to the EMC 110 makes this new Jungheinrich pedestrian stacker especially safe and easy to use: The long tiller, for example, ensures maximum safety and low steering forces for the operator. A further optimization involves the optional two-stage hydraulics, which are controlled electro-hydraulically via a button on the tiller head and provide for a finely adjustable lowering speed. “This guarantees a gentle depositing of delicate goods,” says Hiekel.

The EMC 110 is a highly compact pedestrian truck. The short front length (l2 chassis dimension incl. back of fork: 535 millimetres) and low total weight of only 545 kilogrammes makes this stacker ideal for deployment in confined spaces, including elevators, but also on mezzanines. The crawl speed button enables the operator to move the truck safely with the tiller in an upright position. And the narrow centre mast guarantees optimum visibility.

EMC B10: Wide-track version for picking up perimeter-board pallets

The new Jungheinrich pedestrian stacker will also be available in a wide-track version as of April. This EMC B10 model is particularly suitable for picking up perimeter-board pallets. It can also be fitted with an ISO fork carriage, on which a great variety of attachments can be mounted — for example, crane hooks or barrel turners — thus considerably widening the scope of applications for the truck.

All EMC trucks come equipped with the latest generation of Jungheinrich three-phase AC technology. According to Hiekel, this allows for “outstanding performance data in this truck class, creating the ideal prerequisites for efficient, economical operation.” The stacker comes with maintenance-free 70 Ah block batteries with an integrated charger for simple recharging at any 230 V mains socket. The battery discharge indicator continuously displays the battery condition. Thanks to this well-rounded “energy package”, consisting of built-in charger and maintenance-free battery, the EMC boasts an operating time of around two hours, which translates into an outstanding price-performance ratio for this pedestrian stacker.

Service-friendly components moreover ensure a long-term reduction in maintenance costs: Apart from its maintenance-free three-phase AC drive motor, the one-piece front cover of this Jungheinrich pedestrian stacker also guarantees quick and easy access to components.

Jungheinrich is among the leading international companies in the industrial truck, warehousing and materials handling sector. As a producing logistics service provider it offers its customers a comprehensive product range consisting of stackers, rack systems, services and consulting for complete intralogistics. The Jungheinrich share is traded on all German stock exchanges.

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