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JIG Eva Chen
JIG Story

A two year valuable journey

Eva Chen, a JIG in China, shares her experiences in the graduate programme, her tasks and the connection to Jungheinrich in Germany.

JIG Eva Report 3 It has been over two years since I joined Jungheinrich as a JIG, which for me personally makes now a perfect time to look back on my journey.

I recall my interview at the Jungheinrich headquarters. I was asked why I wanted to be a graduate. My answer was that I would like to use this chance to explore different areas and departments in order to know clearly what I need and what I want to do with my career.

I started the JIG-journey with a strategic project in the controlling department in China, and then had the opportunity to explore two more assignments in the marketing and online departments. In January 2020, I started in my landing position in the procurement department at our plant in Shanghai after finishing my last assignment in this department.

Some of the assignments lasted longer than twelve months, while some were shorter and only six months long. Although all these assignments were challenging and exciting, I would like to highlight my last one, which was a deciding factor for my landing position. The department has one of the two most interesting functions for me, but the task was quite challenging. I was tasked with delivering an objective evaluation system of all suppliers’ performance for the whole year despite not having a wide technical background. I was nervous in the beginning. However, the colleagues greeted me warmly on my first day and always shared their know-how and gave me the support I needed. In my day-to-day interaction with my project leader during the assignment, we were able to build a trusting relationship. We were able to establish a common foundation in our work that minimized having to go back and reevaluate basics as the project went on.

Having finished the JIG program, I asked myself: Have I fulfilled the wish I expressed during that first interview? The answer is a resounding Yes! What is more, I am grateful to have met so many wonderful colleagues: my career sponsor, mentors, JIG program leaders, peers. They have all shared their fantastic and unique experience unreservedly with me and guided me along the way.

Being a JIG allows us to be part of a community: We can connect with JIGs around the world. There is a strong bond between all of us, especially to those in our class because of the shared experience and growth over these two years.

In addition, we have exposed ourselves to different views in order to form our own perspective and do what is best for the company. We are in close contact with our management, which enables us to see and understand the bigger picture while we also work with colleagues in different roles to understand their specific challenges.

Finally, and personally, this journey has helped me get to know myself better. I have developed a finer understanding of what I am passionate about and what my strengths and shortcomings are.

JIG Eva Report

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