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Buon giorno Jungheinrich Italiana!

Nick Eisele Bustamante spent his assignment abroad in Italy in the headquarter near Milan. Read about his impressions and experiences with his work and the Italian culture.

My time as a trainee was strongly influenced by COVID-19. A few months after I started at Jungheinrich, the pandemic broke out and we were all sent home. So, the months between working from home, at the office and during my stations in the various departments also took place in my kitchen a lot.

However, towards the end of my trainee period, I did get the chance to go abroad and get to know our sales unit in Italy better. Jungheinrich Italia has several branches in Italy. I spent my time there at the country's headquarters near Milan.

My experiences at Jungheinrich Italiana

JIG Report Erfahrungen Eisele

During my time in Italy, not only did I report directly to the head of sales and marketing, but also to the head of the sales region Southern and Eastern Europe. My stay had two goals: to get to know and understand the operational work of a foreign sales unit in more detail and to support the rollout of a new organizational structure in the sales region.

I can say that it was thrilling for me to experience the operational environment of the HQ in Italy. I also had the opportunity to spend a few days in the branch near Bologna and visit customers with our salespeople. The language was of course a challenge, but since Spanish is my native language, I was able to understand quite a bit of Italian. You always find ways to communicate... through your hands and feet if necessary.

“They did a great job of introducing me to the Italian culture”

Our Italian colleagues were very welcoming, which made the experience even more enjoyable. They were always helpful, but they also did a great job of introducing me to Italian culture and especially food... Mamma Mia!

During this time, I explored Milan as well as the Lombardy region in the north of the country where there is so much to discover! I was also lucky that the Italian JIG was there at the same time, so we did a lot together and became good friends.

I am elated and grateful that despite the adverse circumstances I had the opportunity to experience this and gain another perspective on our company. This has already contributed to my professional and personal environment. 

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